Event Production
Experience unforgettable events with Multitools. Our blend of cutting-edge technology, expert support, and cost-efficient event management transforms occasions into memorable experiences. Immerse in seamless, visually stunning, and sonically perfect events, where innovation meets excellence.
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Texan S.A. Grand
For the Prime Minister's speech, at the opening of TEXAN's new recycling plant, Frank & Fame engaged us for another great production. We created an impressive glass roof that allowed the event to be housed. This construction involved assembling a specialized environment, using special materials and technologies to ensure excellent quality and safety during the event. At the same time, we were responsible for the video and audio support for the event in every detail, the translation systems that accompanied the speakers and the broadcasting of the Prime Minister's tour of the factory for the other attendees of the event.
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COSMOTE Fiberathlon
For an event organized by Foss at a Cosmote event in Sparta, for the launch of fiber optics, we undertook the production management and audiovisual support of the event. A big concert was held with dozens of participants and a live streaming was made that managed to connect the people of Sparta with 6 cities in America.
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For the Heineken Star Serve Event at Technopolis Athens, in collaboration with Frank & Fame and their client Athens Brewery, we supported the competition for the best bartender in the proper serving of a chilled Heineken Draught beer. Following Dutch standards, we provided a unique sound experience with Onirama as guests, taking charge of the technical support for the event and special effects.
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AVIN Thessaloniki
For our client Frank & Fame, we had the pleasure of contributing to the AVIN event, presenting its rebranding. We installed a 10m LED screen, taking full responsibility for the audiovisual coverage. With the participation of the company's executives and frontline employees, the design for the company's future was highlighted, reinforcing its success and development.
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UCL Final
For an event organized by F&F, we designed and adapted a special space resembling a football field. Valued clients and friends of Athenian Brewery enjoyed the Champions League final and other custom entertainment activities for this unique night of football and beer. We supported the event with all the necessary audio-visual equipment.
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Aviation Marketing
At our biggest event of the year, we took on the production and support for the AIRLINE MARKETING WORKSHOP organized by our client, Frank & Fame, for Athens International Airport in 2022. The workshop awarded the fastest-recovering airline companies. Focused on the challenges that the future brings to the aviation sector and the successive developments in the international airport environment and technology, the Airline Marketing Workshop of AIA was held again on February 22, 2023, after three years, with over 200 participants at the Athens Concert Hall.
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Haleon Kalamata
We were responsible for executing the production of the kick-off meeting for pharmaceutical company Haleon in 2022, hosted in Kalamata as part of an event organized by PITCH. The event showcased the company's progress and future plans. Over the three-day conference, we managed the end-to-end installation of all audio-visual equipment and provided technical support. The event concluded with team-building activations for both employees and attendees.
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AMSTEL Harvest
We had the pleasure of overseeing the largest event for the audience ever created by Amstel in its history, on behalf of Frank and Fame.