The HD3 is a great platform for grabbing a lot of attention in any busy retail setting. Allowing you to display both your product and a beautiful range of 3D holographic content, the Dreamoc HD3 lets you tap into the curiosity of anyone passing by, making them stop and stare at your display by applying the experience of mixed reality. With this display you can place an actual product in the centre and have it enveloped in holographic content telling a story, conveying a brand philosophy, or simply highlighting the features of this specific product. The choice is yours.
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The HD3 is less than two feet wide and measures only a bit more than one foot in height, but its presence is so much bigger. Combining a physical object with the hologram creates a mind-boggling effect that enhances their perception and relation to the product. Whatever type of solution you are looking for, we can assist and facilitate the process from first idea through creative sparring and finished content, making your brand and product come alive in the most magnificent ways. If your wish is for a simpler solution, our online store offers a variety of ready-made content for you to download and get to work with right away.

The HD3 display comes with our custom Content Management System making it easy for you to change and update your content depending on the displayed product, the season, a big sale, or whatever influences your business. This feature is handy when you have more than one display and need to change the content of all of them in accordance with a campaign or with regional changes for example. Furthermore, the display has speakers to make it possible not only to show but also tell your audience what your brand or product is all about. Simply plug in the display, and you’re good to go.
The holographic content inside the HD3 is visible from three sides, making it possible for the viewers to walk around the display and observe the product and magic from almost every angle, adding to the feeling of seeing something truly spectacular. The mixed reality experience can be further enhanced by strategically placing the actual products right next to the display. Allowing your audience to touch and feel the product they’re seeing come to life, makes it all the more attractive and increases the conversion from viewers into customers.
Feature 1
Interactive possibilities
Add interactivity to further strengthen the experience, captivate the audience and increase dwell-time.
Feature 2
Light control
A new and powerful feature, is the ability to control the light inside the chamber to and to synchronize it with the holographic animation.
Feature 3
Crystalline™ Optics
New high-end glass optics that is very durable and enables an even sharper image quality.
Feature 4
Dreamoc CMS
With Dreamoc CMS you can now configure the content displayed inside your Dreamocs from any location with an internet connection.
Feature 5
Built in audio
No need for external speakers – the audio is built in to the display. Easily adjust the sound level with the remote control.
Feature 6
Key protected front access door
Easy yet secure access the product you are displaying, enabling you to re- position it, or even swap it out for the next product you’re showcasing.
Want to learn more?
If you want to learn more about the technical specifications of this product, download the PDF file below.