DeepFrame One is a revolutionary new type of mixed reality display that enables digital content to appear as a hologram on top of reality seen through the lens. DeepFrame One is a window-like display that consists of a high-precision optical lens, built-in speakers, metal chassis and a 65” OLED screen for reflecting the digital content through the optical lens. Spectators can collectively experience lifelike animations, video or live film projected to appear as a hologram in the real world behind the display.

DeepFrame One comes in 2 sturdy flight cases built for repeated transport.
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Feature 1
Digital Visualisations
Create digital visualisations up to several miles away.
Feature 2
Built-in Sound System
Built-in sound system, as part of the chassis.
Feature 3
Precision Optical Lens
High-end precision optical lens.
Feature 4
4K OLED Screen
4K OLED screen and media player.
Feature 5
One-Hour Assembly
One-hour assembly time.
Feature 6
Magnetic Skin Branding
Optional magnetic skin branding of the chassis.
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DeepFrame pushes the limits of human experience by making it possible to seamlessly visualize things beyond your wildest imagination.

You can show anything from virtual movie characters, a historic battle or even reviving prehistoric reptiles that once roamed the Earth - right before your eyes.
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